Special Invite

Dear friends, thanks for all your support of MUCHOMAS Chocolate- a passion project helping Nicaraguan farmers share their heirloom cacao with the world. 

We have a fun and exciting opportunity for you, but first a quick story.

We started searching the jungles of Nicaragua for cacao farmers in 2014 and it was an adventure! So too was finding chocolate makers to transform the cacao into the amazing chocolate we all enjoy. Since then, our greatest challenge has been connecting with local consumers who want to know more about their food. More about where the food comes from. Who makes the food. What's in the food. And what the makers value as artisans and craft creators.

Rooting around in the local food markets, we found that we aren't the only makers who are trying to connect with the local community. We have met numerous local food artisans at pop-ups, farmers markets, and food festivals. We also found that there are lots of people in the community looking for great food with a great story. Consumers searching for and discovering local foods, makers, and markets. For all of us, the search is as fun as the discovery!

We also found that there isn't a great calendar, phone book, or website where we can find all these makers and events, so we decided to build one. 

We are passionate about finding great food, great people, and great stories. Food and stories from makers in our very own community.

Because of that passion, we built a great tool that we are thrilled to share with you!

We built a new site, www.muchomas.com  and it is a directory that lets you search for craft food makers in our local community. You can search for events they are attending like festivals, farmers markets, and pop-ups.  You can search for specific categories of food like Baked Goods, Spices, and Pickled Products. You can search by diet like organic and vegan and more.

We are in the initial design phase, so take this special invite and sign up for updates as we build the directory and launch new features and tools. 

Hopefully we build more great tools to help us all find MUCHOMAS.

-The Team at MUCHOMAS Chocolate

Happy Holidays!

Holiday season is in full swing and we wish you and your family glad tidings and good cheer. 

The year for our friends and partners in Nicaragua has been tumultuous and long.  To them we send our best wishes and prayers for a resolution to the conflict. 

To our friends and family here in the U.S., please consider donating to the American Nicaragua Foundation. They are a wonderful organization helping Nicaraguans in need. Keep them in your thoughts this holiday season and spread the goodwill. 

As for the chocolate . . . We hope you enjoy and share our Chocolate Covered Pretzels . . 


And consider sending your friends and family gifts baskets of goodies prepared by our friends at Winans!

Wishing you the best this holiday season!

- The Team at MUCHOMAS Chocolate

Freedom Isn't Free

Isn't just a saying or an American slogan. It is a reality. 

Fortunately, for us Americans the price was paid long ago. Happy 4th of July!

The Nicaraguan peoples' struggle for freedom from the Ortega regime has captured headlines in recent weeks. 

The regime has allowed police and paramilitary groups to reign violence upon peaceful protests against the legitimacy of its government.  

A quick news search will yield articles that highlight the death of hundreds, injuries in the thousands, and countless people missing, including young children. 

The country's crisis bears shadows of the bloody civil war that tore the country apart in the 1970's. Mediation between the protesters and government has been stalled by the regime and the country's economy is grinding down. The political suffering has grown into economic suffering. 

As we watch this struggle from the land of the free and the home of the brave, we pray for those Nicaraguans that are paying the price for freedom and bearing the costs of bravery. 

Our hearts are with the millions of Nicaraguans living with fear of the present and hope for the future. If you feel inclined to share the fruits of your freedom and pay a piece of the price for theirs, please consider a donation to the American Nicaraguan Foundation's Crisis Fund. This is a wonderful organization devoted to Nicaraguans in poverty. It is always the most vulnerable that bear the brunt of political and economic crises. 

- The Team at MUCHOMAS

Be Sweet to Mom

It's almost Mother's Day and we have you covered. Be sweet to mom this year with treats from MUCHOMAS Chocolate. 

We are bundling together our favorite chocolates into the MUCHOMAS Mother's Day gift basket

This year our artisanal chocolate sweets are being paired with fresh roasted coffee from our partners at Winans. Each basket is $65 and comes with free shipping!


Start mom's holiday weekend off right with chocolate and coffee!


All MUCHOMAS Mother's Day orders must be made by the morning of May 7th and will ship that day.

Happy Mother's day to all our MUCHOMAS Mothers!

Public Service Announcement

Valentine's Day is a week away and it is your last chance you get some MUCHOMAS sweets. Make sure you order by tomorrow morning!

We bundled together our favorite chocolates into the MUCHOMAS Greatest Hits Valentine's Day package. 

If you love our MUCHOMAS bars, the MUCHOMAS Chocolate Covered Pretzels, and the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Delights then take advantage of this Valentine's Day special. The bundle is $65 and shipping is included with code "VDAY"


All MUCHOMAS Greatest Hits orders must be made by the morning of February 7th and will ship that day.

Happy Valentine's Day from MUCHOMAS Chocolate!

Valentine's Day Greatest Hits!

Valentine's Day is two weeks away and this year we are doing something special. 

We are bundling together our favorite chocolates into the MUCHOMAS Greatest Hits Valentine's Day package. 

If you love our MUCHOMAS bars, the MUCHOMAS Chocolate Covered Pretzels, and the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Delights then take advantage of this Valentine's Day special. The bundle is $65 and shipping is included with code "VDAY"


All MUCHOMAS Greatest Hits orders must be made by the morning of February 7th and will ship that day.

Happy Valentine's Day from MUCHOMAS Chocolate!

The Dark Side of Chocolate

There are many things to be thankful for this holiday season. 

This year cacao prices are down significantly. Cacao prices have dropped nearly 50% from the prices of the past several years. 

While that is great for companies in the business of making chocolate, it is a tragedy for cacao farmers. Small lot cacao farmers are among the world's poorest agricultural workers and this year those farmers lost nearly 50% of their income. 

We went on our first Nicaraguan cacao hunting expedition in January 2014. Searching for cacao in the mountains and jungles was an exhilarating and eye-opening experience. Making new friends and getting perspective into the lives of cacao farmers was equally as incredible.

Seeing their passion and enjoying the fruits of their labor, we became chocolatiers. We left the hard business of growing and harvesting cacao to our partners in Nicaragua and focused on getting chocolate to you! 

All business is tough business, but our sympathies and thoughts are with all cacao farmers this year as they adjust and recover from a deep drop in prices. Especialmente nuestros amigos en Nicaragua.

We thank you for your business and so do Nicaragua's cacao farmers. 

Enjoy the holidays and be thankful!

- The Team at MUCHOMAS Chocolate

Cacao Pods.jpg

The Snow Melted . . .

But the chocolate didn't!

Winter is over and April's showers will bring May's Flowers. 

Cacao needs rain too. Check out these beautiful cacao buds . . .

cacao tree.png

To make all kinds of tasty MUCHOMAS Chocolate treats!


It's spring and Easter is a week away. Don't forget to order your MUCHOMAS Chocolates this year!

- The Team at MUCHOMAS Chocolate

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Valentine's Day is less than a week away! Only a day or two left to order your MUCHOMAS Chocolates.

To celebrate love and beauty, MUCHOMAS Chocolate is a proud sponsor of the Rodin Museum's reopening on Valentine's Day this year. 

Be inspired by one of the "master's most beloved sculptures, The Kiss."


Happy Valentine's Day!

Hopefully you will be enjoying some masterfully made MUCHOMAS Chocolates and inspired "besitos" this year!

- The Team at MUCHOMAS Chocolate

P.S. our 44% Milk Chocolate with Almonds are back in stock!

The Best Part of Waking Up . . .

Is MUCHOMAS Chocolate with your cup!

Chocolate and coffee are great companions. Just like you and your special Valentine.

This year, treat your Valentine right and make sure they start off their day with something special- MUCHOMAS Chocolate

Whether it's Chocolate Covered Pretzels . 

For every $50 order, we will ship a free bag of Bristol Coffee so you can enjoy some fantastic Nicaraguan coffee with your MUCHOMAS Chocolate every morning!

Start the Year off Right!

It's the New Year and time to load up on MUCHOMAS Chocolate for Valentine's Day for your special loved ones! Don't forget last year's best selling treat- MUCHOMAS ChocolateCovered Pretzels and our fantastic MUCHOMAS Gift Baskets!

But as importantly, show some love to some people you don't know. 

This Thursday, join our good friend James Muchmore, aka "Mucho," as he raises money and awareness for critically endangered frogs in the Ecuadorian Choco Forest. 


James is a fantastic photographer and designer. Jim's trips to Ecuador have helped him create fantastic relationships with the Ecuadorian people and he has captured some incredible photos of the Ecuadorian wildlife.

Check out some of his amazing shots on his Instagram account.

We hope to see you all there! 

Santa Has a Treat For You!

Good news and even better news!

First, you can order chocolates today and tomorrow and be guaranteed to receive them before Christmas! Whew, yes, a collective sigh of relief. Don't forget the SHIP45 discount code for free shipping!

But even better news for those of you who live in Philadelphia, you can get all our MUCHOMAS Chocolate Bars and MUCHOMAS Chocolate Covered Pretzels at several of the Capogiro locations! 

We are incredibly excited about this partnership and looking forward to more fun news shortly. 

Check us out in Midtown at 119 S. 13th Street, near Rittenhouse at 117 S. 20th Street, and in University city at 3925 Walnut Street!!


Also, we hope you can join us tonight at Founding Fathers for a great Holiday Party!

We will be there from 6 to 9 celebrating with the team from Manatawny Still Works. There will be great holiday cocktails and chocolate treats so see you tonight!

Tis the Season

It's December 1st! Holiday Season is in full swing.
Black Friday, Cyber Monday and more . . .
If you're getting anxious about gifts this season, let us help you!
The biggest MUCHOMAS sellers are our 44% Milk Chocolate with Almond Bars and . . . . . 

Last year we launched MUCHOMAS Gift baskets and they were a big hit! Check out the MUCHOMAS Grande! Great for sending to family, friends, clients, and coworkers!

And for those of you who haven't been paying attention . . . . we have MUCHOMAS Chocolate Covered Pretzels just for this holiday season!

We hope you're enjoying the holiday season and not stressing. Leave the stressing to us. By the way, STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS. So order some personal MUCHOMAS desserts today and don't be stressed!


For being a part of Team MUCHOMAS!!

Hopefully you are getting ready to spend Thanksgiving with family and friends.

Thanksgiving is a great day shared with those you love.

For the holidays this year, consider sharing something else you love with family and friends- MUCHOMAS Chocolate.

Last year we launched MUCHOMAS Gift baskets and they were a big hit!


This year we are back with more goodies for the gift baskets. We are including our chocolate bars AND our newly added MUCHOMAS Chocolate Covered Pretzels.

And to share even more, we are introducing our good friends at Bristol Coffee! They love beans too, coffee beans!

Bristol coffee beans are born, bred, and brewed on a family farm, Santa Francisca Romana, in Nicaragua. The Vaughan Brothers started their coffee venture over 100 years ago and their family is continuing the craft, focusing on quality coffee beans.

Their fantastic Nicaraguan coffee will be in our MUCHOMAS gift baskets as well. Check out their website and this great picture from the coffee bean harvest! If you just want the coffee, you can easily order from Amazon.

Have a great Thanksgiving and hopefully you share MUCHOMAS with the friends and family this holiday season!

-the Team at MUCHOMAS Chocolate

Trade Secrets . . .

Everybody is raving about the Chocolate Covered Pretzels!

Adam S. says, "I ate 6 before I even stopped to think . . . do I like these? MMMMM, yes!"

Steve M. asked, "How do you get so much chocolate on them? They're the best I've ever had!"

Cora M. cried, "Mas! Mas! MUCHOMAS!"

We are about to let you peak into the secret world of MUCHOMAS Chocolate and reveal some trade secrets. 

Everyone is asking . . .  how do you make these Chocolate Covered Pretzels soooo good?

Well, first, you need to source incredible cacao. Fortunately we have that step covered. For our pretzels we are using our MUCHOMAS 70% dark chocolate. The chocolate is made from Nicaraguan Trinitario cacao we source from the Northern mountainous regions of Nicaragua. Hopefully you have tried some already!

Second, we head to the laboratory.

Then we locate a specialized piece of confectionery equipment called an enrober. You might be thinking, what does that do? Well, it "enrobes" stuff. In our case, we are enrobing pretzels with chocolate. Our big white machine is a Hogarth, made in the early 1900's in Ohio of all places! Although it's a white box, it is also like a black box. Pretzels go in . . . .

and chocolate covered pretzels come out!

Third we taste test and quality control. How well is the chocolate enrobed onto the pretzels. What temperature is the chocolate drying at? And what's the consistency and temper of the chocolate on the pretzels. That work can't be done by a machine. We do it ourselves. You can be a quality control taste tester as well. Check out the website and make sure to get your pretzels ordered ASAP!

-The Team at MUCHOMAS Chocolate

National Chocolate Day!

If not, it's a great time to order some. And any orders you make this weekend will come with an extra MUCHOMAS surprise because it's National Chocolate Day and almost Halloween!

The chocolate covered pretzels are going fast and we have to limit order sizes, ahhhh! No more than 5 orders per person, unless you are sending them as a gift. 

We have several fun events lined up next week. In honor of Philly Craft Spirits week, we are teaming up with Manatawny Still Works and Sidecar Bar & Grille next Wednesday, November 2nd. Chef Brian Lofink is making some special Mole Wings using our chocolate and Manatawny's whiskey. Come and join us, we will be there till all the wings, whiskey, and chocolate are gone!

Friday, November 4th we are joining Manatawny at Alla Spina for a craft cocktail happy hour. The pastry chefs at Alla Spina are making some tasty treats to pair with the cocktails using MUCHOMAS Chocolate! Craft cocktails and chocolates, deliciousness! 

O, and of course, Happy Halloween to everyone!

- the Team at MUCHOMAS Chocolate

Our Favorite Post of the Year

Is the one you are reading right now!

When we started MUCHOMAS Chocolate, we focused on highlighting the incredible flavors of Nicaraguan cacao. The best way to do that is to make chocolate that is as pure as possible. MUCHOMAS Chocolate bars have two
ingredients, cacao and sugar!

After the initial launch, we decided to search out complementary flavors that would pair well with Nicaraguan chocolate. Now some of our bestselling bars contain inclusions like coffee beans, salt, and almonds.

At the end of last year's chocolate season, we asked our customers and friends for ideas. We asked to borrow their imagination. What else could they dream of eating with our chocolate? The answers varied, but almost everyone begged for, "chocolate covered pretzels!" 

Throughout our journeys in the chocolate world, we have met incredible people with lots of unique and fun personalities. And yet none compares to the inspiration for our project, Willy Wonka. Gene Wilder passed away this August. Gene was an incredible actor and his portrayal of Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is the stuff that dreams are made of. 

We are thrilled to make your dreams come true this fall! Our team of Oompa Loompas worked hard, experimenting and perfecting the right mix of chocolate and pretzel for our MUCHOMAS Chocolate covered pretzels

We did a limited production run of these pretzels. So head to the website and order them now! Oh and orders over $45 include free shipping!

Here's to you Gene.

-Philly's Wonkas



Some People Go On Vacations

Others go on expeditions . . .

Our good friend, James Muchmore, aka Muchomas, is a not only the designer behind our branding, but a huge lover of nature. 

Mucho, as we call James, is an avid ornithographer- bird-watcher. Check out his Instagram here. In fact, Mucho is such a fan, he's traveled to a hotbed of ecological activity, the Ecuadorian Amazon several times. Each trip, Mucho explores and documents the unique flora and fauna of the rainforest. 
We want to share a project near to his heart with you- Save the Chocó , El Chocó is a project that Mucho's friends are spearheading.

Recently, Mucho sent us a phenomenal documentary that we are sharing with you. If a picture is worth a thousand words, this video of cacao and cacao farmers in El Chocó is as priceless as the rainforest itself. We hope you enjoy!

Please check it out!

-the Team at MUCHOMAS