Go West, Young Man


As some of you may know, Team MUCHOMAS rode its Chocolate Chariot out west. In the pioneering spirit, we managed to avoid dysentery, and to eat a ton of great chocolate.  Our goal was the Northwest Chocolate Festival in Seattle.  With a car full of 600 pounds of chocolate books, we set out to explore the national chocolate landscape. 

We traveled west, filling the ole Chocolate Chariot cooler with some of the best chocolate in the country and meeting great new chocolate people along the way.  We met Paul at Maverick in Cincinnati and saw some of his amazing contraptions inspired by his jet-engine past. 

We saw some chocolate that belonged in an art museum at Christopher Elbow in Kansas City (it made for excellent BBQ dessert!) 

We made a pilgrimage to Springfield, Missouri to see the chocolate luminaries at Askinosie in action.  We saw Ritual Chocolate's amazing new location in Park City, Utah and felt the vibrations of some delightful craft chocolate. 

After finally reaching our destination, we were blown away by the kindness and generosity of the chocolate folks we met in Seattle.  It's hard to imagine another industry in which you can party with the best makers in the world and feel like you are just hanging at a bar with friends. 

Stay tuned for more information about our time in Seattle!