Chocolate Nirvana

Team MUCHOMAS spent last weekend in Seattle at the Northwest Chocolate Festival.  Our amazing experience there left us grasping for the right words to describe it. After some hand-wringing and writer’s block elimination exercises, we gave up and decided to convey our experience through the words of some of Seattle’s great poets.  So without further ado, “have a got a little story for you . . .

“The waiting drove [us] mad . . .” – After over 3,000 miles of driving, we finally made it to Seattle for the conference and festival – eager to meet everyone and introduce Georg’s book to the world.

“[We] feel stupid and contagious . . .” – The first two days of the Chocolate Festival were a conference for chocolate makers. The sheer amount of chocolate knowledge at the Bell Harbor Conference Center those days was eye-opening.  Just when we thought we were getting the hang of this chocolate thing, we were reminded of how much we still have to learn.  It was great!  (Don’t worry.  We weren’t actually contagious).

I’m standing in your line, I do hope you have the time . . . “ On Saturday and Sunday, the doors of the Bell Harbor Conference Center opened to the public and it was flooded with tens of thousands of chocolate lovers.  We were lucky enough to be stationed next to some incredible chocolate-makers from around the world. Taylor from Sirene Chocolate in Victoria BC was our next-door neighbor and Bryan and Dahlia from Fruition Chocolate in Woodstock, NY were also in the MUCHOMAS ‘hood.  Getting to interact with chocolate lovers and watch them interact with such welcoming and amazing chocolate-makers is the best part of being in the chocolate industry.

“Some folks just have one, yeah, others they’ve got none” – By the end of the festival we had sold ALL of the books that we brought with us. But fear not!  You can order your copy today at