What an amazing trip!

We started MUCHOMAS Chocolate to help Nicaraguan farmers share their heirloom cacao with the world. On Wednesday, we celebrated with hundreds of Nicaraguan cacao farmers as the Director General of the International Cocoa Organization congratulated them on becoming a 100% Fine Cacao Country. An honor awarded to few countries!

We know Nicaraguan cacao makes phenomenal chocolate and so do you. With this designation and honor, it's incredible to continue sharing the story of Nicaraguan cacao. 

We shared our entire trip with our good friend Joe from Winans Coffee and Chocolates - MUCHOMAS's oldest friend and partner.  Joe introduced us to the world of coffee (don't worry - there was cacao on the coffee farms!) and kept us focused on how to make a difference in the immensely complex chocolate market.

We were also lucky enough to share part of our journey with world famous chocolate maker Colin Gasko and Harvard anthropologist Carla Martin. They were speakers at a conference in Managua and on the hunt for rare heirloom Criollo cacao in rural Nicaragua – and they found it! Amazing people with amazing passion for chocolate.

They started the Fine Chocolate and Cacao Institute to help cacao farmers, like our Nicaraguan friends, and chocolate makers like MUCHOMAS, develop a language to communicate in regarding chocolate. A language in some respects like that spoken by vintners and sommeliers, coffee farmers and cuppers, a means to bringing quality, standards, and understanding to the world of cacao.

Just when we thought the trip could not get any better, while in Granada, we learned that this month Nordstrom's is opening specialty fine chocolate sections in three high traffic stores in California and Washington. We're thrilled to be a part of this launch by distributing Georg's "The Chocolate Tester," to the stores. Incredible chocolate and an incredible guide are all part of the story!

What an amazing trip.

But, it’s good to be back in Philadelphia and MUCHOMAS has some big things planned locally for the holidays so stay tuned!