The Perfect Holiday Recipe

Everyone has that perfect recipe for the specialist of occasions.  Well, almost everyone. At MUCHOMAS World HQ, we have recipes for many things: beef jerky; whiskey on the rocks; top 40 music playlists; chocolate.  But the recipe we want to share with you today is our recipe for the Perfect Holiday Gathering!

It’s a simple recipe – only five ingredients and no vigorous mixing or special tools required.

Ingredient One:  Family

This is an obvious one.  No holiday gathering can even begin until family is involved. 

Ingredient Two: Friends

Yes, we have friends.  And not just because we give them chocolate.  After family, friends are probably the most important part of any holiday gathering. If you don’t have any friends we suggest trying to give away more chocolate.

Ingredient Three: Spirits

We take it back, after family this is probably the most important ingredient in a holiday gathering.  Especially if you have families and friends like ours!

Ingredient Four:  Music

We prefer Billboard top 40.  But Christmas music is also acceptable.  Whatever gets the party going!

Ingredient Five:  Chocolate

Did you think we weren’t going to mention chocolate?  Let’s face it - eggnog is kinda gross.  For a real holiday treat you need chocolate!

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