10 Days Left!!

Team MUCHOMAS spent the first half of January exploring remote cacao farms in Northern Nicaragua. The second half, we data-mined Valentine's day trends on the internet.

This post is a friendly reminder- if you have not reserved a table at your favorite restaurant for next Saturday's BIG NIGHT, then you are in BIG TROUBLE!

This is how it will go down.

Today, you will call your favorite restaurant and they will laugh when you ask for a booking.

Tonight, you will contemplate making a reservation at your second favorite restaurant. Fortunately, you will realize your one true love will know you forgot to book at your favorite restaurant!

After a sleepless night, tomorrow you will consider doing something truly unique and original. Only to realize after many cups of coffee and google searches for "unique and original valentine's day," that you are not only a procrastinator, but also not a crafty and artistic soul.

As your anxiety rises and despair sets in, you will return to searching google for "Valentine's day gifts."

Flowers will be suggested first, and then . . . . . . . chocolate.

Now, thinking back to your restaurant booking experience, you will realize the chocolate you buy is a manifestation of your passion and commitment to your one true love.

Think carefully.

www.walmart.com - Your love is cheap.

www.amazon.com - Your love is easy.

www.muchomaschocolate.com - Your love is a passion for all things unique and precious. A love that is cultivated and indulgent. Your love is a story of excitement, exploration, desire, and dedication.

Your love is priceless. But the chocolate is not!

Ok, ok.

Given your close encounter with despair and desperation, we offer you a discount code- "VDAY" for 10% off all orders this week!