America's Favorite Holiday Gift

Ok, it’s holiday season . . . . . . AGAIN.

What will you get your mom? Your dad? Your brother? Your sister? Your nephew? Your niece? Your aunts? Your uncles? The in-laws? Grandma? Grandpa? Your co-workers? Your boss? Your employees? Your neighbors? Your mechanic? The doorman? Your kid’s teacher? The Parrish Priest? The paper delivery boy? Your best friend? Your other friends? Your kid’s friend’s parents?

Wow, quite the list. Congrats on just keeping track of who you need to find gifts for.

Now to the hard part . . . what gifts to give?

Here are some ideas.

Cheese is popular. Although half of it stinks, literally. Hopefully you don’t offend anyone that’s lactose intolerant. And ya, hopefully it doesn’t rot in the box under a tree. And hopefully, well, yea, maybe not cheese.

Alcohol is a good go-to! But . . . . . I guess that doesn’t work for the paper delivery boy. Or maybe a bad impression on the teacher, or your kid’s friend’s parents, or the Parrish Priest?

Baked goods are pretty safe. Ummmmm . . . . . assuming you can bake. Or that your family and friends aren’t lying to keep the peace when they say, “you’re a great baker! (cough, cough)” Probably better to just buy some fruitcakes. Because fruitcakes are a really, really cool gift that everyone wants.

Wait for it. Wait for it. Ok here’s our idea. Go ahead. You can guess. Yup. You guessed it.


More specifically, MUCHOMAS Chocolate.

This year, give the gift that everyone wants.

Believe us. We know, because everyone is asking for it.

Seriously, assuming you don’t live under a rock, you know the world is running out of cacao beans. Yes, cacao beans, the main ingredient in chocolate.

Fortunately, MUCHOMAS Chocolate has a limited supply of the world’s best cacao beans. Right now, this very second, you can be a hero to your mom. Your dad. Your brother. Your sister. Your nephew. Your niece. Your aunts. Your uncles. The in-laws. Grandma. Grandpa. Your co-workers. Your boss. Your employees. Your neighbors. Your mechanic. The doorman. Your kid’s teacher. The Parrish Priest. The paper delivery boy. Your best friend. Your other friends. Your kid’s friend’s parents.

If you really care, show these people how much you care. Buy them some MUCHOMAS Chocolate for the holidays. Be the hero! Give the gift that shows you care.

We promise, they will like you mucho mas than they do now.