From Flower to Fruit

It all starts with a teeny-tiny flower and ends with a huge fruit!

The chocolate we know and love begins life as a flower. 

Before we can start the process of making chocolate, we need to gather the main ingredients. The cacao tree flowers bear pods and within the pods are the main ingredient in the chocolate- seeds.

The variety of chocolates available to consumers are matched by the variety of shapes and colors of pods.

As the pods mature they are ready to be picked. Once the pods are removed from the tree, they are cracked open. Inside the pods is a white filmy pulp and the dark cacao seeds we want! The pulp is delicious and sweet- often used to make drinks on Nicaraguan fincas!

Now it takes an incredible amount of seeds and hence pods to make the chocolate we love

Farmers crack the pods and gather the seeds in bulk. The pods can be kept in piles and when they biodegrade can be used as incredible fertilizer!

Next we will explore the process of growing and cultivating the beautiful cacao trees!