Love and Friendship

Valentine's Day is less than one month away.

Your heart may be aflutter, BUT for the wrong reasons.

What to give to your one true love or many close friends?

We offer a simple suggestion: That's right, MUCHOMAS Chocolate!

While many of you are already planning on gifting chocolate, we offer these words of caution.

A Hershey's bar means you conceived your idea at the local gas station- hardly the message you want to send.

A box of Godiva means you grabbed the chocolate while buying a card at the CVS or Rite Aid- clearly an afterthought.

But, a gift of MUCHOMAS Chocolate means you have the foresight and taste to order the world's best chocolate weeks in advance of the much anticipated and universally celebrated Holiday of Love!

So do yourself a favor- order now.

O, and we have a special Valentines surprise for all our loyal customers.

We are proud to announce the newest MUCHOMAS product. Available only through February 14th:

"Bowmania," the gentle giant of chocolates.

Do you always take baths?

Relish the "darker" side of life?

Prefer the uber app to the taxi hand-wave?

Love people for who they are and not what they eat?

Then the Bowmania is for you!

A limited edition assemblage of our best dark chocolates!