Hola from Nicaragua!

Team MUCHOMAS spent the past week exploring the beautiful cacao farms of northern Nicaragua. We hunted for indigenous cacao trees and learned about the tradecraft that results in the world’s best chocolate (ours!).

We took thousands of pictures and hundreds of videos to create fascinating and beautiful new content for the blog and website.

We are thrilled to share with you – our loyal supporters – some sneak peak pics and cacao hunting wisdom we picked up on this adventure.

So without further ado:

Lessons from Northern Nicaragua – PART I – “Welcome to the Jungle”

1: Local cacao is often grown on “Fincas” – a Spanish word that roughly translates as “estate” (think somewhere between a ranch and a farm.)

2. Many of the Fincas have been around for a very long time and still do things the old-fashioned way 

. . .

and have seen many presidents come and go!

3: The myriad colors of cacao pods make it tricky to tell when they are ripe, but there is a simple trick to figure it out – simply scratch the surface of the pod with a finger. If the flesh underneath is yellow, the pod is ripe and ready to be picked!

4: Cacao Fincas are often very muddy (some of which might be created by the ever-present cattle, if you know what we mean. . . ) WEAR APPROPRIATE SHOES.

5. The beauty of the cacao pods is matched by the flowers that sprout them!