The Fruits of our Labor

Everyone loves chocolate.

Well, almost everyone. But not everyone knows what chocolate is or where it comes from. We set out to answer those two basic questions.

Did you know that chocolate comes from fruit? Yes, seriously. Did you know that chocolate comes from the rainforest? Well, at least our chocolate, the world’s BEST chocolate.

The chocolate you're going to eat grows in a Nicaraguan rainforest, travels across the continent, and transforms from raw bean to tasty bar! Sound interesting? Keep reading.

Imagine you are walking in a forest and you see a tree, many trees. You see trees with mangos and pears, with green, yellow, and red fruits hanging from the trunks. But they aren’t pears or mangos, they are cacao pods and these are cacao trees.

Cacao pods are filled with cacao seeds. Cracking open the pod is step one in the journey from cacao to chocolate.

We journeyed from Philadelphia to Matagalpa in Northern Nicaragua to find our cacao. Our trees are a unique breed. Nicaraguan Trinitarios descended from the rare and distinguished Criollo tree. 

Once harvested, our seeds are carefully fermented and dried on site in Matagalpa. At this point, you might recognize our seeds and call them cacao beans!

Our beans then travel from Nicaragua to Honduras where they are roasted and pressed. The pressing process extracts delicious cacao nibs from their shells. Cacao nibs are the rawest form of chocolate and they are transformed into cacao butter, liquor, and powder- the main ingredients in our bars.

The next steps to our process and journey are a secret. But stay tuned and we might just spill the beans in January 2015!

Expect . . . MUCHOMAS.