The MUCHOMAS Super Bowl Recovery Plan

At MUCHOMAS, we enjoy watching the “big game” as much as anyone. The football, the wings, the beer, the chocolate, it’s a great combo. Plus, this year’s game had the added benefits of being a close game, featuring an incredible Liam Neeson commercial, and one hilariously nonchalant dancing shark.(#TeamLeftShark).

Of course, after the fun of Super Bowl Sunday comes the inevitably painful Super Bowl Monday.  Football season is over and it seems like weekends will never again be a source of joy. To make matters worse, depending on how many wings you ate and how much beer you drank this pain can be physical as well as mental – trust us, we know.

NOTE: If you are a Patriots fan then congratulations. Please go buy a celebratory pair of Uggs and some MUCHOMAS Chocolate.

But for all the rest of us who have not been blessed with a life of basking in Tom Brady’s smile, what is a forlorn, hungover, disgustingly full person to do on Super Bowl Monday? It might seem hopeless, but it’s not!

We have a simple solution to all your woes – it is called chocolate, and it is good. In fact, in studies conducted just this morning at MUCHOMAS World Headquarters, we have found that two out of two people who ate MUCHOMAS Chocolate felt better both physically and mentally. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself and see.