Hey There Peeps!

Peeps Definition 1: A slang word for your peoples, aka buddies, friends, family etc.

Peeps Definition 2: Easter season's most popular candy.

Let's talk about Definition 2.

Peeps are made from corn syrup . . . . MMMMMMMM, don't we all love eating corn syrup.

Peeps are allegedly indestructible! Creeeeeeepy but true!

Georgia's famous Emory University did an experiment with peeps. They undertook a study "to see how easily they could be dissolved, burned or otherwise disintegrated, using such agents as cigarette smoke, boiling water and liquid nitrogen." Seriously, check the records!

EVENTUALLY the peeps did dissolve, burn, and disintegrate, but you don't want to know how long it took.

You could probably get your pre-21st century peeps from the attic and party like it's 1999 this EASTER!! Enjoy those peeps, peeps.

Or you peeps could enjoy nature's finest! AKA MUCHOMAS Chocolate!

Because our chocolate is made with Nicaragua's finest hand picked varietals of cacao, we have limited supplies. We will be out of this year's harvest long before Easter.

Here is your warning peeps. Order now, or you will be eating peeps all Spring.

MMMMMMMMMM . . . . . . . indestructible corn syrup!!