Bean There, Done That

It is all about the beans at MUCHOMAS World Headquarters.

Our quest to learn about chocolate brought us to the mountainous rainforests of northern Nicaragua.

From there we created an ecosystem of friends who help transform Nicaragua's finest heirloom cacao into the variety of chocolates you enjoy. Bars and bonbons, truffles and ganaches, hot cocoas and fondues, these are few of our favorite things . . .

If you have been following the MUCHOMAS story, you know we take our cacao beans very seriously.  The beans are the backbone of our chocolate and we think it’s important to source them carefully – which is why our beans all come from our friend Giff.   

What you might not realize, and what we learned on our adventures is that the beans' first days out of the cacao pod are the most important for cultivating and creating the fantastic flavors of chocolate that we all love. 

Before our beans leave Giff’s Finca they are transformed from pulp-covered and bitter into delicious, ready-to-roast beans that are then driven (by Giff himself!) into Honduras for further processing.

But the processes of fermentation and drying are key. Don't take our word for it. Here is our expert Giff explaining just a few of the important steps in crafting world class cacao beans!