The Ties That Bind

Last week we talked about the divergence of American and European chocolate culture and the burgeoning craft chocolate movement this side of the pond.  Not to be lost in that discussion, however, is that on both sides of the Atlantic (and indeed across the world) chocolate makers (and consumers like you!) are rebelling against the corporate chocolate machine.

As we alluded to last week, the face of chocolate in Europe might be more refined – but for many years it was no less corporate.  Did anyone really think Godiva was making there chocolate in a garage somewhere?   

But in the past decade, there has been an explosion of smaller craft chocolate makers across the world.  Some of these have been incredibly successful and able to scale rapidly (i.e., Mast Brothers here, Pierre Marcolini over there). But most are chugging away making some damn good chocolate and slowly trying to spread the word about fine chocolate.  These companies tend to be run by amazing people with amazing stories.

We hope that Georg’s book helps raise awareness both about the fine chocolate movement in general but also the people who are making it thrive and all of their myriad stories.

Join us in the adventure, there's MUCHOMAS!