The Pilgrimage to Germany

As many of you know, Team MUCHOMAS embarked on a European chocolate adventure this spring.   Although there were many highlights, the icing on our European cake was the afternoon we spent in Bonn with Georg Bernardini.   It was not only informative, but also resulted in an incredible opportunity to help Georg share his work with the United States. We are very happy to say that MUCHOMAS will be assisting Georg in distributing his new book “Chocolate – The Reference Standard.”  (Visit our sister site for more info!).

For those of you unfamiliar with his work, Georg is a true pioneer of the bean to bar chocolate movement and one of the most respected chocolate makers in the world – he is also a very cool dude!  After starting a successful chocolate company in the 90's, Georg next made his mark on the chocolate world by writing an encyclopedic guide to the world of chocolate tasting.

In fact, Georg first contacted us last year while he was working on the second edition of his book – he wanted to taste our chocolate (along with hundreds of others!).  We were happy to comply and immediately dispatched some MUCHOMAS across the pond to Germany. But we weren’t satisfied with our brief interaction with such a chocolate luminary and decided to make a point of working a visit with Georg into our European travel plans. 

Georg on the Rhine

Georg was happy to accommodate our desire to meet and we spent a lovely afternoon on the banks of the Rhine with him and his dog Shelby (named after legendary car designer Carroll Shelby).  Over the course of a wide-ranging lunch conversation, we were blown away by Georg’s knowledge and his willingness to share.  After he showed us a copy of the first version of his book “Der Schokoladentester” (available only in German), we knew we wanted to help him spread the chocolate gospel in America. 

Georg at Lunch

Georg spent much of last year tasting chocolate (rough life, right?) and the new edition of his book features reviews of thousands of chocolates from every corner of the world.  But he doesn’t stop there. The new book is packed with more information about chocolate than anyone could possibly know what to do with!  And is packed with plenty of photos for those of us who prefer pictures to words.

The book is truly amazing, but it was meeting Georg that really got us excited about this opportunity.  As always, it’s all about the people at MUCHOMAS!