Nerds at Heart

The MUCHOMAS adventure is all about learning new things and meeting new people.

We love sharing our new found chocolate knowledge with you! Recently, we were able to share the secrets of cacao and chocolate with a whole new audience! The kids at a Food Nerd Jr. event! 

Our friend, Reyna Boyer, created Food Nerd Jr. to help teach children about food, science, and much more. Reyna knows there is MUCHOMAS to chocolate and she used samples of our cacao, nibs, and chocolate in teaching demonstrations for her class- the cookie camp!

Food Nerd Jr. went on a 4 day tour through the chocolate chip cookie to deconstruct the favorite treat down to the basic ingredients. We explored the history, cultural significance and science behind each ingredient! Campers participated in messy, hands-on activities to expand their experiences with each ingredient. With the generous donation from the Philadelphia based chocolate purveyor, MUCHOMAS, campers will have a chance to touch and taste samples of chocolate in its different form before it ends up in our favorite foods. At the last day of camp, kids get to combine all of their knowledge of the ingredients to make their very own chocolate chip cookies. Learning about food can be informative and delicious!

It was a huge success! Thanks Reyna!