We Like to Party

Hopefully you do too!

What's crucial to having a great party?

Location is always important - the ambiance and vibe can make or break any party.

Getting the cocktails right is important - margaritas on the beach, cocktails in the club, or beers at the BBQ.

The food? Come on, obviously you need great food!

But the most important element? The prime ingredient? It's the people! A party is a great excuse to have fun with friends and family, but it's also a great opportunity to meet new people!

This October, MUCHOMAS will be attending the best kind of party of all.  A chocolate party!  We are packing up the chocolate-mobile and hitting the road for Seattle and the Northwest Chocolate Festival

Of course we will have to stop and visit some fellow chocolatiers on the way! We know it's going to be a great time because we have already made so many great friends in the chocolate world and can’t wait to make some more. All the great chocolate-bar makers reviewed in Georg's book will be there!.

If you like parties, you like chocolate, and you like meeting people, you should follow us on this adventure.  Or join us in Seattle at the festival!

We promise, a trip to Seattle is a little easier than a voyage to the rainforests of northern Nicaragua (but if you’re interested in that . . . stay tuned for MUCHOMAS’s November excursions to Honduras and Nicaragua).