Our Favorite Post of the Year

Is the one you are reading right now!

When we started MUCHOMAS Chocolate, we focused on highlighting the incredible flavors of Nicaraguan cacao. The best way to do that is to make chocolate that is as pure as possible. MUCHOMAS Chocolate bars have two
ingredients, cacao and sugar!

After the initial launch, we decided to search out complementary flavors that would pair well with Nicaraguan chocolate. Now some of our bestselling bars contain inclusions like coffee beans, salt, and almonds.

At the end of last year's chocolate season, we asked our customers and friends for ideas. We asked to borrow their imagination. What else could they dream of eating with our chocolate? The answers varied, but almost everyone begged for, "chocolate covered pretzels!" 

Throughout our journeys in the chocolate world, we have met incredible people with lots of unique and fun personalities. And yet none compares to the inspiration for our project, Willy Wonka. Gene Wilder passed away this August. Gene was an incredible actor and his portrayal of Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is the stuff that dreams are made of. 

We are thrilled to make your dreams come true this fall! Our team of Oompa Loompas worked hard, experimenting and perfecting the right mix of chocolate and pretzel for our MUCHOMAS Chocolate covered pretzels

We did a limited production run of these pretzels. So head to the website and order them now! Oh and orders over $45 include free shipping!

Here's to you Gene.

-Philly's Wonkas