For being a part of Team MUCHOMAS!!

Hopefully you are getting ready to spend Thanksgiving with family and friends.

Thanksgiving is a great day shared with those you love.

For the holidays this year, consider sharing something else you love with family and friends- MUCHOMAS Chocolate.

Last year we launched MUCHOMAS Gift baskets and they were a big hit!


This year we are back with more goodies for the gift baskets. We are including our chocolate bars AND our newly added MUCHOMAS Chocolate Covered Pretzels.

And to share even more, we are introducing our good friends at Bristol Coffee! They love beans too, coffee beans!

Bristol coffee beans are born, bred, and brewed on a family farm, Santa Francisca Romana, in Nicaragua. The Vaughan Brothers started their coffee venture over 100 years ago and their family is continuing the craft, focusing on quality coffee beans.

Their fantastic Nicaraguan coffee will be in our MUCHOMAS gift baskets as well. Check out their website and this great picture from the coffee bean harvest! If you just want the coffee, you can easily order from Amazon.

Have a great Thanksgiving and hopefully you share MUCHOMAS with the friends and family this holiday season!

-the Team at MUCHOMAS Chocolate