Tis the Season

It's December 1st! Holiday Season is in full swing.
Black Friday, Cyber Monday and more . . .
If you're getting anxious about gifts this season, let us help you!
The biggest MUCHOMAS sellers are our 44% Milk Chocolate with Almond Bars and . . . . . 

Last year we launched MUCHOMAS Gift baskets and they were a big hit! Check out the MUCHOMAS Grande! Great for sending to family, friends, clients, and coworkers!

And for those of you who haven't been paying attention . . . . we have MUCHOMAS Chocolate Covered Pretzels just for this holiday season!

We hope you're enjoying the holiday season and not stressing. Leave the stressing to us. By the way, STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS. So order some personal MUCHOMAS desserts today and don't be stressed!