Trade Secrets . . .

Everybody is raving about the Chocolate Covered Pretzels!

Adam S. says, "I ate 6 before I even stopped to think . . . do I like these? MMMMM, yes!"

Steve M. asked, "How do you get so much chocolate on them? They're the best I've ever had!"

Cora M. cried, "Mas! Mas! MUCHOMAS!"

We are about to let you peak into the secret world of MUCHOMAS Chocolate and reveal some trade secrets. 

Everyone is asking . . .  how do you make these Chocolate Covered Pretzels soooo good?

Well, first, you need to source incredible cacao. Fortunately we have that step covered. For our pretzels we are using our MUCHOMAS 70% dark chocolate. The chocolate is made from Nicaraguan Trinitario cacao we source from the Northern mountainous regions of Nicaragua. Hopefully you have tried some already!

Second, we head to the laboratory.

Then we locate a specialized piece of confectionery equipment called an enrober. You might be thinking, what does that do? Well, it "enrobes" stuff. In our case, we are enrobing pretzels with chocolate. Our big white machine is a Hogarth, made in the early 1900's in Ohio of all places! Although it's a white box, it is also like a black box. Pretzels go in . . . .

and chocolate covered pretzels come out!

Third we taste test and quality control. How well is the chocolate enrobed onto the pretzels. What temperature is the chocolate drying at? And what's the consistency and temper of the chocolate on the pretzels. That work can't be done by a machine. We do it ourselves. You can be a quality control taste tester as well. Check out the website and make sure to get your pretzels ordered ASAP!

-The Team at MUCHOMAS Chocolate