Juicer Cleanse

Chocolate Making Part 3 – Juicer Cleanse

When we left our intrepid chocolate makers (us), they had just finished winnowing with a hair dryer and were left with a pile of chocolate making gold in the form of nibs.  They looked like this:

In part three of our adventure these nibs are turned into cacao liquor (which is unfortunately not booze).

We do this using a juicer.  It’s really quite easy.  As the title of the post suggests, the difficult part is cleaning the juicer which has cacao in every nook and cranny.  More on that later . . .

First, we need to grind those nibs!  To do so, we warmed all the materials with our trusty hair dryer (as if hair dryers couldn’t get any more awesome) and began slowly feeding our nibs into the juicer.

After several handfuls, glorious brown gold started flowing out from the bottom of the juicer. It looks a lot like chocolate sauce!

After all the nibs are run through the juicer we are left with two things: a bright shiny bowl of cacao liquor (ground nibs) and a very very messy juicer.

For those of you that have never tried to clean something that is absolutely covered in chocolate, here are a few tips:

1)   Clean it right away before the chocolate hardens

2)   Toothbrushes work well (and then your teeth are chocolatey-fresh the next time you brush)

3)   Clean it right away before the chocolate hardens

4)   Use warm water so that the chocolate doesn’t harden

5)   Clean it right away before the chocolate hardens

Another clever cleaning technique, employed by some members of Team MUCHOMAS, is to simply leave the chocolate making area and go home before the cleaning even begins.

Stay tuned next time when we add sugar to the chocolate and do math!