April Showers Bring May Flowers

Kind of!

In most of Nicaragua it is the dry season. But, in the more mountainous North, it's generally cooler and wetter. That's great for cacao! Cacao is delicate and needs lots of moisture. 

By April, cacao blossoms have already sprouted and we're looking to pod harvesting season. May is prime time and we're looking forward to this year's yield! Like fine wine, cacao is influenced by terroir and climate. It will be interesting to taste this year's harvest! Once the pods are picked and split, the cacao beans go to fermentation! That's where the process of making chocolate begins. 

We hope you're out planting your own crops. But if you're thinking about Mother's Day and flowers - think again. Think chocolate! 

We had so many raving reviews for our gift baskets, we're bringing them back for Mother's Day! Order soon because they're limited in supply and take time to craft like our fantastic chocolates.

Happy Spring!