There is MUCHOMAS Chocolate Out There

Last week, we gave a presentation and delightful chocolate tasting at the offices of Greenberg Traurig LLP for Philly Tech Week.

Not only did we share our own MUCHOMAS Chocolate, but we sampled mucho mas chocolates for all the attendees. Tasting other companies' chocolates is fun, educational, and inspirational!

This week we want to share some of the fun content like- how to taste great chocolate!

So with that in mind, here is part one of our new MUCHOMAS Series: Tasting Great Chocolates!

In Part I, we will explain how to read a chocolate label.

When reading the label of any chocolate bar, there are three key details to look for:

First- Cacao Percentage.  This is fairly straightforward, but all the numbers can be intimidating for the uninitiated or number-phobic.  It is simple. The number on the bar is the percentage of cacao-based products that are in the bar.  That cacao might be in the form of cacao mass (always), cacao powder (rarely), or cacao butter (often).  The remaining percentage is the other ingredients such as sugar (always), milk powder (in milk chocolate, duh), and other flavors or additives.

Second – Ingredients.  This might be self-explanatory, but as with anything you eat, you should check out the ingredients in a chocolate bar!  Most dark chocolate will have at most 2-3 ingredients. All you need is cacao and sugar!  There is no “right” ingredient list, but when a dark chocolate bar is loaded up with things that are not cacao or sugar you might want to stop and think . . . . why?


Third – Origin.  Now, this is the fun part.  We will delve more into this in future posts, but these days many chocolate bars will list a country or region of origin of the cacao used in the bar.  Sometimes they will even tell you exactly what varietal of beans are used.  Think of this like buying a bottle of wine.  The information is similar and serves a similar purpose.  Different cacao beans can taste very differently.  And if the bar doesn’t say where the beans are from it is probably no place special!


Stay tuned for future posts where we will continue to explore the world of chocolate tasting!