The Dark Side of Chocolate

There are many things to be thankful for this holiday season. 

This year cacao prices are down significantly. Cacao prices have dropped nearly 50% from the prices of the past several years. 

While that is great for companies in the business of making chocolate, it is a tragedy for cacao farmers. Small lot cacao farmers are among the world's poorest agricultural workers and this year those farmers lost nearly 50% of their income. 

We went on our first Nicaraguan cacao hunting expedition in January 2014. Searching for cacao in the mountains and jungles was an exhilarating and eye-opening experience. Making new friends and getting perspective into the lives of cacao farmers was equally as incredible.

Seeing their passion and enjoying the fruits of their labor, we became chocolatiers. We left the hard business of growing and harvesting cacao to our partners in Nicaragua and focused on getting chocolate to you! 

All business is tough business, but our sympathies and thoughts are with all cacao farmers this year as they adjust and recover from a deep drop in prices. Especialmente nuestros amigos en Nicaragua.

We thank you for your business and so do Nicaragua's cacao farmers. 

Enjoy the holidays and be thankful!

- The Team at MUCHOMAS Chocolate

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