Special Invite

Dear friends, thanks for all your support of MUCHOMAS Chocolate- a passion project helping Nicaraguan farmers share their heirloom cacao with the world. 

We have a fun and exciting opportunity for you, but first a quick story.

We started searching the jungles of Nicaragua for cacao farmers in 2014 and it was an adventure! So too was finding chocolate makers to transform the cacao into the amazing chocolate we all enjoy. Since then, our greatest challenge has been connecting with local consumers who want to know more about their food. More about where the food comes from. Who makes the food. What's in the food. And what the makers value as artisans and craft creators.

Rooting around in the local food markets, we found that we aren't the only makers who are trying to connect with the local community. We have met numerous local food artisans at pop-ups, farmers markets, and food festivals. We also found that there are lots of people in the community looking for great food with a great story. Consumers searching for and discovering local foods, makers, and markets. For all of us, the search is as fun as the discovery!

We also found that there isn't a great calendar, phone book, or website where we can find all these makers and events, so we decided to build one. 

We are passionate about finding great food, great people, and great stories. Food and stories from makers in our very own community.

Because of that passion, we built a great tool that we are thrilled to share with you!

We built a new site, www.muchomas.com  and it is a directory that lets you search for craft food makers in our local community. You can search for events they are attending like festivals, farmers markets, and pop-ups.  You can search for specific categories of food like Baked Goods, Spices, and Pickled Products. You can search by diet like organic and vegan and more.

We are in the initial design phase, so take this special invite and sign up for updates as we build the directory and launch new features and tools. 

Hopefully we build more great tools to help us all find MUCHOMAS.

-The Team at MUCHOMAS Chocolate